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Enhancing heritage inventory: Bridging the knowledge gap

Jurisdiction: New South Wales

Knowledge is power. The State Heritage Inventory contains data gaps that impact the effective management and protection of our irreplaceable heritage items and Aboriginal cultural sites. How can open-source data enhance the inventory and deliver better outcomes for our state heritage, Aboriginal cultural heritage and our community?

Knowledge is a potent force in safeguarding our cultural legacy. Presently, the State Heritage Inventory grapples with critical gaps, potentially compromising the effective management and protection of our invaluable State Heritage items and Aboriginal cultural heritage sites. To fortify our heritage preservation efforts, we seek innovative ways to harness the power of open-source data, unlocking a treasure trove of insights for a brighter future.

The challenge lies in addressing crucial data gaps, encompassing statements of significance, historical context, comprehensive descriptions, condition assessments, and a rich collection of photos and images. Additionally, vital ownership information poses a significant hurdle, demanding an automated system to ensure timely updates, especially when properties change hands.

Join us in this ground breaking quest to revolutionise the state heritage inventory! We call upon data enthusiasts, tech pioneers, and community visionaries to collaborate, leveraging open-source data to enrich our heritage records. Together, let's bridge the gaps, fortifying the protection and management of our State Heritage and Aboriginal cultural heritage. The potential for positive change is boundless, fostering stronger connections with our shared history, empowering future generations, and ensuring our community's lasting legacy. Unite in this pivotal mission, and let's shape a brighter heritage future for all!

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Image credit: Dionne Authur.

Eligibility: Must use the State Heritage Inventory database.

Entry: Challenge entry is available to all teams in Australia.

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