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Australian Consumer Energy Dashboard (ACED) - Putting the power in the hands of energy consumers

Jurisdiction: Australian Capital Territory

Australians are paying more than ever for their electricity. The Consumer Data Right (CDR) offers to empower Australian consumers with information and choice. Your challenge is to develop a consumer pricing democratisation solution, a geospatial visualisation portal that utilises the CDR to allow Australian consumers to pool their pricing data and inform each other of better deals.

The Consumer Data Right (CDR) offers the opportunity to democratise our data. In the energy sector this means democratising pricing data, empowering Australian consumers with information and choice. When consumers are well informed and have better tools at their disposal, market competition tends to intensify, often leading to better prices and improved services.

The application of the CDR in the energy sector can bring transformative changes, especially in the way consumers choose their electricity providers and how they are billed. There are many ways the CDR can help consumers to obtain better electricity prices:

  1. Access to consumption data
  2. Comparison services
  3. Innovative tariffs and plans
  4. Demand response programs
  5. Integration with smart technologies
  6. Transparency and trust
  7. Seamless provider switching
  8. Peer-to-peer energy trading

It’s your job to develop an Australian Consumer Energy Dashboard (ACED) to demonstrate the potential of these opportunities by creating a geospatial visualisation that an end user can interact with to explore prices different consumers are experiencing in Australia’s energy market.

Your demonstration will be scalable across Australia’s energy market if you use the tools and data available at the Australian Government’s CDR Sandbox:

Registering with the CDR Sandbox is quick and easy and provides access to mock data holders and consumer energy data.

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Eligibility: This should be achieved using mock consumer energy data contained within the CDR sandbox at Participants are free to synthesise further data.

Entry: Challenge entry is available to all teams in Australia.

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