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Cultural Coasts: Empowering Aboriginal site protection amidst climate change

Jurisdiction: New South Wales

As climate change threatens our precious coastal areas, ancient Aboriginal cultural sites are being damaged and pose the very real risk of losing them forever. How do we use climate data to protect them and help empower communities to preserve these irreplaceable cultural landmarks?

The impact of climate change on our NSW coastal areas is becoming increasingly alarming, but the true tragedy lies in the potential loss of irreplaceable Aboriginal cultural sites. These invaluable landmarks, steeped in ancient customs and rich heritage, are under imminent threat of irreparable damage – a fate we must not allow. Urgent action is needed to protect these sites while respecting their cultural sensitivities.

This challenge calls for innovative minds and passionate problem solvers to unite in a concerted effort to protect these important cultural items from destruction. To achieve this, we must establish a robust framework comprising baseline data and continuous monitoring. This data-driven approach will serve as a powerful tool to understand the evolving threats and implement timely interventions.

However, it is not solely in the hands of experts and authorities to protect these sacred sites. The key to success lies in empowering the very communities connected to these cultural landmarks. Their deep-rooted bond with the land and ancestry provides a unique perspective that can inform preservation strategies tailored to each site's distinct characteristics.

By fostering a collaborative approach, we can create a movement that transcends generations, ensuring that the preservation of these heritage items becomes a shared responsibility. Empowered communities will be the custodians and storytellers, keeping these legacies alive for years to come.

We are looking to rewrite the trajectory of these threatened sites, transforming them from the brink of loss to a secure future. Our aim is to not only halt the irreversible decline but also acknowledge our coastal cultural heritage.

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