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Jurisdiction: New South Wales

Road traumas are devastating for school communities. How might data help develop localised solutions to reduce these rates?

High school students socialising with friends are eager to get their driver’s license or jump into cars with inexperienced drivers. Meanwhile driving conditions vary across NSW between rural and metropolitan areas. How can the safe Systems approach be used to develop solutions for road trauma to young people, the contributing factors and differences caused by location.

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Relevant links:

• NSW Centre for Road Safety - Statistics
• NSW Centre for Road Safety Campaigns - Casual Speeding. Every K counts
• National road crash dashboard - Microsoft Power BI
• Safety Town - Schools out activity
• On the move - The Big Picture
• WHO Road Safety report - link
• WHO - Road traffic injuries
• NSW Teaching and learning - DoE Road safety education
• 2026 Road Safety Action Plan - Towards Zero
• Youth for Road Safety - the youth movement for road safety

• Bureau of Infrastructure and Transport Research Economics - Dashboards
The dashboards all use Power BI to show Australia’s data
- National crash dashboard - Microsoft Power BI
- LGAS - Microsoft Power BI

• Victorian resource - Meet Graham

Image credit: Department Of Education Curriculum Secondary Learners, Curriculum and Reform.

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Master dataset: NSW government school locations and student enrolment numbers

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