How Canberra has evolved; showcasing historical imagery

Jurisdiction: Australian Capital Territory

The ACT Government's ACTmapi visualises important geospatial data on the ACT. As an interactive tool, ACTMapi provides an opportunity to display data sources of Canberra’s: infrastructure, community facilities, and historical information. This challenge asks hackers to ‘stitch’ together historical datasets of aerial imagery prior to 2004 and showcase their importance from environmental to population trends.

The ACT Government's ACTmapi presents important geospatial data on the ACT. Including important information about properties, environmental and heritage information as well as the location of recreational activities such as dog parks.

ACTmapi also holds historical imagery of the ACT – these images were provided to the ACT and Commonwealth as physical prints. They were scanned several years ago but have not been georeferenced and mosaiced “stitched together”. Images date between 1951 and 1998. These images represent a rich history of the Canberra region, and may have application to monitor environmental or population trends.

The challenge is to ‘stitch’ together the aerial imagery provided here: - /hap/. For reference you can currently download the imagery when search through Geocortex Viewer for HTML5 using the “download Aerial Imagery” tool.

These images are provided as PDFs, and will need to be processed and developed into a mosaics as GDA2020 MGA z 55.

The final product should be provided on a creative commons license that allows for inclusion in ACTMapi.

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Entry: Challenge entry is available to all teams in Australia.

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