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Reducing carbon emissions in households

Jurisdiction: Aotearoa New Zealand

Build a platform that can help households in New Zealand reduce their carbon emissions. Food production, transportation among others are major contributors of emissions. Can you help New Zealand reach net-zero by 2050 and reduce emissions by 50% by 2030?

Households are becoming aware of their collective and individual responsibility in the production of Carbon emissions. Can you help New Zealanders bring changes at a personal and community level to reduce carbon emissions.

Food Production and Transportation, both account for 46% of greenhouse gas emissions from humans. While there has been a clear focus on waste minimisation, there’s a need for individuals, families, and communities to look at alternative ways to further reduce Carbon emissions.

Build a platform to help New Zealand reach its goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and reduce GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions to be 50% below 2005 levels by 2030.


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