Tagging photographic images: showcasing the magnificent history of Victoria banner image

Tagging photographic images: showcasing the magnificent history of Victoria

Jurisdiction: Victoria

How can we enable researchers to tag images of digitised records from photographic collections?

Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) is the archive of the State and local government in Victoria.

Public Record Office Victoria holds a wide variety of photographic images showcasing the magnificent history of our State.

We have recently created a Photowall page to allow researchers to search across all photo collections and return results as image thumbnails with direct links back to the photographic collection catalogue for more information and options to download the photo.

There are thousands of photos in the collections and manually adding metadata about each photo would take a mammoth effort.

Can you find a way to use new technologies and tools, crowdsource, or other way to tag images so that they can be used on the PROV website Apache Solr instance for enhanced search?

Technical information about enhanced search can be found on the GitHub project.

Test UI available at this link - https://prov.conaltuohy.com/iiif-collection-photo-wall/iiif-collection-photo-wall.html (username and password can be found in the #talk-publicrecordsvic Slack channel)

Additional Information

Image credit: Public Record Office Victoria.

Eligibility: Must make reference to the Public Record Office Victoria photographic collections.

Entry: Challenge entry is available to all teams in Australia.

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Photographic collections - PROV

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