Park — Barbeque locations

Region: Queensland

Description: BBQs are a great way to support family and friends to connect in the places that make our city great, and one way Brisbane City Council is doing this is by providing free BBQ facilities in parks across the city. The information provided shows which parks have BBQs established, what type and the number of BBQs available at each park. We’re protecting and expanding greenspace as well as providing better facilities at our parks to make it easier for you to enjoy the lifestyle our great city has to offer. This dataset uses Brisbane City Council's Open Spatial Data website to provide extra features for viewing and downloading the data. The first two resources in this dataset are labelled HTML and they each have a Go to button. Clicking a Go to button will open a web page in a new tab. The Go to button on the first resource will open our Open Spatial Data website that provides many features for viewing, interacting with, and downloading data. The Go to button on the second resource will open the ArcGIS REST Services Directory website and display the spatial metadata for the dataset. Most of our spatial datasets have four more resources. The four resources are labelled: CSV, GeoJSON, SHP, and KML, and all four have a Download button. Clicking the Download button on the CSV resource will download the attribute data in a table. Clicking the Download button on the GeoJSON, SHP or KML resource will download the data in a spatial file.


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