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EV-ME is a program that allows electric vehicles users to manage their battery charge smartly. It is an app that EV users download and they can view all available charging stations in Canberra. Users can book the chargers ahead of time so they avoid range anxiety and parking anxiety. This will encourage more consumers of EVs because of the convenience of booking parking. Fines can be applied to people who park in booked parking spots, and to people who abuse the booking system (book parking but don't use it).

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Description of Use To outline what type of activity is associated with land. Allows us to determine if more EV chargers need to be there (restaurant/entertainment district vs residential).

Data Set

Electric Vehicles Registration Number

Description of Use Forecasts how many EV vehicles will be in ACT in 2025.

Data Set

Electric Vehicles Public Charging kWh

Description of Use See which suburbs will use the most amount of electricity, allows us to add more chargers in those areas to support the need.

Data Set

Electric Vehicle Total Chargers

Description of Use Forecasts of future EV chargers already planned, allows us to see if other areas need it.

Data Set

Total Vehicles Registered in the ACT

Description of Use To see where the owners of the registered vehicles live

Data Set

OpenStreetMap - Places of Interest - Points (Australia) 2021Pl

Description of Use To outline where existing charging stations are

Data Set

OpenStreetMap - Places of Interest - Points (Australia) 2021Pl

Description of Use To find places where people will need EV chargers

Data Set

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Charging Electric Vehicles in the ACT

The ACT’s zero-emission vehicle strategy includes several incentives to purchase EVs, as well as a plan to expand the public charging network to 180 charging stations by 2025. To build this network of charging stations, it is important that government understands where the greatest need for chargers is across the territory. How can this be measured, and how can we assess the effectiveness of public EV chargers in Canberra?

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