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Our project gives a tour of the Future of AI and machine learning models to shape a better future in the medical sector. It presents opportunities to grow our economy, create jobs and improve our lives. When AI Robot assists people standing in a queue, who are waiting for doctor for a long. This robot will diagnose the illness and treatment of patients faster.
As we all saw in pandemic year, many people lost their lives due to viral infection. That’s why, this new AI and machine learning assist in hospitals, doctors and nurses, family members and even receptionists are using robots to interact in real-time with patients from a safe distance.
AI methods into understanding the maternal and fatal consequences of pharmacological drug exposure and during pregnancy with a focus on optimizing drug/pharmacological therapies among pregnant women (Mayo Clinic (“Robotic Surgery - Mayo Clinic”)).
Mayo Clinic. “Robotic Surgery - Mayo Clinic.”, 6 May 2022,

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The project named “AI Medical” vision is to provide health care services to clients through Artificial Intelligence. As AI sector bloom after Covid- 19, as during that period, medical sector realised that without AI – MEDICAL BOT, they can’t fulfil medical needs all around the seven countries. It’s hard to arrange medical specialists, cleaners, medicines, pathology labs, medicine testing engineers. And to combat to these pains of customers, AI-Bot is utmost the solution for medical field while facing such kind of pandemic period.
The dashboard named” Medical Services” provides information about total medical services provided in hospitals decreases due to lack of resources. Regarding this, it shows that in 2021-2022, there is a shortage of pathology labs, GPs, etc. Although, the two world maps depict the how much requirements of medical services across different states of Australia and how much medical specialists available in respective states (Medical specialists Reports. (2022, August 17). Moreover, the diagram also demonstrates that medical services is not only the need of old aged people but youngsters also in the search box of medical services.( Australian Bureau of Statistics (2018)).
Therefore, to protect the sunshine’s of our earth, it needs to transition of technology to AI Technology. It is low-cost, flexible, enjoyable, preventable technology which does not serve medical resources but also helps in human- welfare improvement.
Medical specialists Reports. (2022, August 17). Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.
Australian Bureau of Statistics (2018). National Health Survey: First results, 2017-18 | Australian Bureau of Statistics.

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Medicare Services (2021-2023)

Description of Use It helps in understanding the need of leverage of information technology in medical sector and community- welfare.

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National Health Statistics

Description of Use The data sets help in understanding the medical conditions among people based on age or sex. It gives a strong recommendation that government should focus on improving the health conditions of people with fast-paced speed and at affordable prices. It helps to remove the shortage of medical resources in an organization.

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