AI-Powered NT

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Team 2323

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James , Kate

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AI-Powered NT

An application on NT-based advances in Science and Technology, news delivery and intelligent search&AI interaction

User Interface

1. Easy to use&intuitive

2. Individualized preference setting

Outstanding features

1. GPS (local and NT sci-tech news)

2. User Interaction (two models: ask questions & keywords search, and vocal input supported)

3. Subscription&RSS

4. Request to NT Government

5. Update Automatically

Technical Path for the Mode of Intelligent Question and Answer

Step 1: The app calls GCP, enabling Speech-to-Text voice recognition to meet user requirements" translates to English.

Step 2: The app calls the ChatGPT interface to analyze keyword requirements and searches the data based on the keywords.

Step 3: Download data containing keywords from the database and convert it into PDF format.

Step 4: Calls the API of ChatDOC, upload the PDF file, transfer user questions to ChatDOC, output the answer of ChatDOC in the app.

AI Tool-ChatGPT, ChatDOC, Python

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Team DataSets

CfAT (Centre for Appropriate Technology) Mobile Phone Hotspots on NT Highways

Description of Use Use ChatDOC as an API to analyse dataset and transfer the result to Python, as the result, the report is generated and delivered to readers in the app AI-Powered NT.

Data Set

Challenge Entries

Using AI to better connect Northern Territory Science with the community

How can the Northern Territory Government use AI to better compile and report to the community the NT-based advances in Science and Technology?

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