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Enhancing the Brisbane App Experience through Influencer Integration and Open Data
Our project is uniquely tailored for the Brisbane City Experience challenge. Centered on the Brisbane City Council area, it adeptly utilizes the provided open datasets, delivering users with real-time, data-driven insights. By seamlessly integrating this with influencer content, we encapsulate the city's genuine ambiance. This fresh perspective, distinct from the current Brisbane App, caters to a diverse audience: residents, visitors, businesses, and influencers. In essence, our solution stands as a transformative approach, perfectly resonating with the challenge's ethos.

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In the heart of Brisbane, as the sun casts a golden hue over the city, a transformation is underway. The Brisbane App, once a static guide, now pulses with life. Residents like Jake now see their city through two lenses: the factual and the experiential. As Jake plans his day, he doesn't just see a park's location; he feels its vibe through an influencer's live stream, hears the laughter, and knows the air quality, all in real-time. Meanwhile, local café owner Mia notices an uptick in visitors, thanks to an influencer's morning coffee post. This isn't just data; it's Brisbane's heartbeat, captured and shared, making the city's experience richer and more authentic for all.

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Tourism Dataset

Description of Use The "Queensland Tourism Investment Snapshot 2022: Brisbane" dataset was pivotal for our project, offering a deep dive into Brisbane's tourism potential. It spotlighted key attractions, including the upcoming 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games, guiding our focus on pivotal city events. Insights into visitor dynamics and expenditure trends allowed us to tailor the app's features for both residents and tourists. Furthermore, the blend of business and leisure data helped us cater to diverse user needs, while the dataset's authoritative nature bolstered our app's credibility. In essence, this dataset provided a strategic foundation, ensuring our app's alignment with Brisbane's tourism trajectory.

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Brisbane City Experience

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