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The project aims to provide an innovative solution to the problem put forward. Using existing shared working space infrastructures, current talent pool and dynamic curriculum we wish to provide a more upto date and hands on learning solution.Being both interactive and future focused will allow for a floursing learning experience. Thus enabling more middle schoolers stay on track for STEM and build STEM based careers in the future.

#process innovation #datascience #ai #dynamic learning

Data Story

I have used the provided datasets to see the trends in dropouts, attendance and enrollment. I have then used an ABS backed dataset to find the conversion into STEM occupations. Thus I have designed and put forward my data driven solution. The datasets were used to draw both qualitative and quantitative assumptions. It is always important to have a hypothesis and test it against available clean data, which is what I have done for this project.


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Description of Use This dataset was used only for qualitative purposes and the other two datasets were used to draw up quantitative analysis.

Data Set

ABS - Data on engagement in work and/or study, current and recent study, qualifications, and transitions to work

Description of Use I used this dataset to further test my hypothesis. I found that the conversion rate and possible future workforce from current students are not high. We needed to change few factors now in order to have a more capable STEM focused workforce in the future.

Data Set

Enrolment and Attendance by Year - 2021 - Whole of Year

Description of Use The data was used to do trend analysis and then visualised.

Data Set

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Supporting Territory Middle School students towards digital careers

How can the Northern Territory Government support more Territory Middle School students towards digital careers?

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