Charging Electric Vehicles in the ACT

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Our mission is to strategically expand the electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) to promote the adoption of electric vehicles, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and create a sustainable, convenient, and reliable charging network. By 2025, our primary goal is to deploy 180 charging stations while collecting essential data on EV usage patterns, user demographics, and charging needs. Our secondary goal is to create an attractive and innovative public charging network app that exemplifies the ACT's commitment to zero-emission transport, and that provides the simplicity while still being incredibly useful, which is an idea that is missing from the infrastructure today.

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Our project aims to create a thriving electric vehicle (EV) charging network in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). This comprehensive initiative focuses on strategically placing charging stations, developing a user-centric mobile app, and employing data-driven optimization. Our goal is to provide an accessible, sustainable, and efficient charging infrastructure that promotes and educates people about EV adoption while reducing emissions in the ACT.

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Besides reducing emissions, there is a surge in the demand for electric vehicles resulting in an insufficient number of electric vehicle charging stations. ChargeIt is a software solution to solve challenges faced by the EV community, by providing education, collecting data, and providing services. ChargeIt helps encourage more users to go EV.

In the early hours of our competition, we met John and Margaret, an elderly couple from the Nothern Territory who flew in to Adelaide, South Australia for holidays. While thier visit here in Adelaide they rented an electric vehicle without prior experience or knowledge. Unfortunately Their EV ran out of charge, leaving them stranded. They Faced difficulties to find a charging spot and once they found a charging spot they had other probems where they didnt know how to charge it . This experience inspired the creation of a user-friendly charging network, ensuring that no one else would face such a situation while being able to provide insights to driver habit . John and Margaret's journey became the motivation for us.

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Charging Electric Vehicles in the ACT

The ACT’s zero-emission vehicle strategy includes several incentives to purchase EVs, as well as a plan to expand the public charging network to 180 charging stations by 2025. To build this network of charging stations, it is important that government understands where the greatest need for chargers is across the territory. How can this be measured, and how can we assess the effectiveness of public EV chargers in Canberra?

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