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Our project's eligibility for this challenge stems from its innovative and distinctive approach to addressing emissions monitoring. We have established an independent regulatory body that plays a crucial role in the entire process. This body is tasked with the comprehensive aggregation, meticulous validation, vigilant oversight, and effective supervision of emission data coming from a diverse array of companies. This meticulous approach guarantees that the data submitted is not only accurate but also verified, ensuring its credibility and reliability.

Central to our project's efficacy is the creation of a standardized data schema that serves as the backbone of the entire reporting system. This schema is designed to simplify the intricate processes of data reporting for companies, regardless of their size or industry. By establishing a unified template for data submission, we streamline the otherwise complex task of gathering emission-related information. This not only expedites the reporting process but also enhances the consistency and accuracy of the data submitted.

One of the standout features of our project is the development of a centralized platform tailored for data submission. This platform acts as a one-stop solution for companies, enabling them to seamlessly upload their emission data. By doing so, our system eliminates the need for involvement from multiple government departments, thereby saving time, resources, and reducing potential bureaucratic hurdles. This innovation significantly bolsters government oversight and monitoring capabilities while promoting a more efficient and transparent reporting process.

In the context of this challenge's phase 1 objectives, our project is aligned perfectly with the goal of enhancing the government's ability to oversee, monitor, and report on emissions. By providing a well-structured and integrated solution, we contribute to improving the quality of emissions data, simplifying the reporting process, and fostering a more collaborative and effective relationship between businesses and government entities.

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Measuring Emissions – Where should we start? Standardising data for tracking, monitoring, and reporting emissions

Climate change is forcing governments and regulators to enforce stringent norms for businesses to reduce emissions and address environmental risks. There is no standard framework for reporting ESG and climate related risks, leading to non-uniform data. How can this issue be addressed to help organisations better report on their emissions?

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