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Annalise , Locky , Paddy , Esther

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Hobart has declared a climate and biodiversity emergency, experiencing the impacts of climate change, and in the future, anticipating an increased and more extreme weather events. Climate change will have a long-term impact on our communities, and the City of Hobart is seeking creative and innovative solutions that utilise open data to foster a deeper and greater understanding of the climate risk and enable community participation in these solutions.

ecological is a 'livability portal' that can help accelerate Hobart cities move towards zero emissions and climate resilience. It uses open data to calculate a liveability score of an area that will enable end-users across all sectors to make informed decisions that can contribute to the efforts towards a zero emissions and a more resilient Hobart.

#hobart #climate change #climate resilience #zero expectations #open data #sustainability

Data Story

Our approach was to gather a set of metrics/features that would indicate ESG metrics, climate change metrics and liveability metrics for Hobart. We starting with some exploratory data analysis on the datasets and then developed a data model in Python that would allow us to combine them.
We starting looking for geospatial data to plot in a single layered graph. After combining the multiple datasets from the competition challenge and other sources into a Jupyter notebook we then transformed the data into a Python web application with interactive features.

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Team DataSets

Various amenity data from overpass api

Data Set

CoH - Trees with Asset ID

Description of Use Used in combined visual

Data Set

Local Overlays - Bushfire prone Areas

Description of Use Used in combined Geo viual

Data Set

TAS-C12 0 Flood Prone Hazard Areas Code

Description of Use Used on combined Geo filter

Data Set

Local Overlays - Heritage Areas 2015

Description of Use Used in Geo visual

Data Set

CoH - City of Hobart Playground Locations

Description of Use Used in combined geo visual

Data Set

Challenge Entries

Towards a zero emissions and resilient Hobart

Hobart and our region are already experiencing the impacts of climate change. We seek creative and innovative approaches that leverage open data to help the community better understand and communicate climate risk, enable community-wide participation in action and solutions, and accelerate our transition towards a zero emissions and resilient city.

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Best Creative Use of Data in Response to ESG

How can you showcase data in a creative manner to respond to ESG challenges? How can we present and visualise data to stimulate conversation and promote change?

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