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Tartans 2022

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Ziheng , Weijing Zhang , Adrian , Aaron

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Electric Roadrunner

Electric Roadrunner is a content management solution and API for use in Electric Vehicle (EV) charging apps to highlight tourism opportunities in the area of the EV charging stations.

EVs challenge us to reframe our thinking about road trip pit stops. They represent chances to enjoy the tourism experiences that regions offer and connect with a new community.

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Problems We Identified

In the wake of COVID lockdowns, people are lonely and there is a desire for more connection to communities.

Global CO2 emissions challenge us all to make changes to our habits, like driving petrol cars, to reduce the impact of climate change.

EV recharging does take longer than petrol refueling, and objections to EV adoption inhibit uptake.

So our product adds value to the charging apps by providing information about entertaining activities that drivers and their passengers can enjoy while the car is charging.

Mock up of Chargefox using data from our API:
Mock up of Chargefox using data from our API

Mock up of Chargefox using data from our API:
Mock up of Chargefox using data from our API

The Gawler, Light Region, Barossa and Adelaide Plains trail other areas for electric vehicle charging station numbers.

Diagram of charging stations statistics.

RAA and SA Government's plans to expand the charging network.

EV ChargingNetwork

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Data Story

EVs reduce climate change damage. Accelerating their adoption within Australia’s 9.2 million vehicles, according to 2021 Census data, will contribute to the government’s goal of net zero emissions by 2050.

Expanding the recharging network will help encourage spending time in local communities by providing tourist attractions to EV drivers while their cars recharge.

The Barossa, Light Region, Gawler and the Adelaide Plains are currently behind the trend and should seek investment for more charging stations to capture value from the emerging roles of managing stations, and offer new jobs in tourism and retail.

The ACT, and other states, can also use the model to increase awareness of opportunities to engage children in nature-based tourism.

Evidence of Work



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Team DataSets

South Australia to transition car fleet and boost charging network in big EV push

Description of Use Source for the need to increase charging stations in Gawler, Light Regions, Barossa and the Adelaide Plains

Data Set

Census 2021, G34 Number of motor vehicles by dwellings

Description of Use We used that to see the scale of motor vehicle use and market potential for EVs.

Data Set

Chargefox Network

Description of Use Used to indentify the scale of chargefox charing stations.

Data Set

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations NSW

Description of Use Information on NSW plans and availability for charging stations.

Data Set

Electric Vehicles Public Charging kWh

Description of Use Information about charging network forecasts in the ACT

Data Set

Find a charging station — Electric vehicle

Description of Use Information on Queenslands charging network

Data Set

Electric Vehicles Total Chargers

Description of Use ACT Charging network information

Data Set


Description of Use Review alignment to the state's regional tourism strategy.

Data Set

Bike Direct Network

Description of Use Reviewing the extent of bike trails around Gawler's Pioneer Park.

Data Set


Description of Use Review the RAA's position on the importance of EV infrastructure.

Data Set

Electric Vehicle Council's Charger Map

Description of Use Australian charger map used to identify charging locations in the ACT and in SA.

Data Set

Traffic Volumes

Description of Use Identifying the volume of traffic passing a charging station in Gawler's Pioneer Park to estimate EV vehicle traffic past that station.

Data Set

Canberra Nature Map canberra.naturemapr.org

Description of Use Locating nature experiences near to recharging stations.

Data Set

Survey of Motor Vehicle Use, Australia

Description of Use Estimating the nature of climate change contribution from ICVs.

Data Set

RAA and SA Government's EV Charging Map

Description of Use Converted to data and used to identify charging station plans for the Gawler, Light Region, Adelaide Plains and the Barossa.

Data Set

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