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The Flying Fox Roosts Conservation App is an innovative and educational mobile application designed to address the challenges associated with flying fox roosts and their conservation efforts. Developed in collaboration with the Sunshine Coast Council, the app leverages open government data to empower users with valuable insights into the conservation status of flying fox species, areas at risk, and engages the public in a meaningful way to foster community involvement in safeguarding these important creatures.

The Flying Fox Roosts Conservation App not only facilitates the identification of species most at risk and areas requiring immediate conservation attention, but it also serves as a bridge between the public and the scientific community. By offering valuable insights, education, and opportunities for engagement, the app aims to inspire a collective effort to protect and preserve flying fox roosts on the Sunshine Coast and beyond.

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Data Story

In the heart of the Sunshine Coast, a realm of wonder unfolds as Batwatch, our innovative conservation app, unveils the mysteries of flying foxes and their pivotal role in our ecosystem. Powered by the rich dataset from the Sunshine Coast Council's Flying Fox Survey, Batwatch invites you to embark on a journey of discovery and protection.

Mapping Observations:
Batwatch creates a living tapestry through its interactive maps, showcasing the collective observations of flying foxes across the Sunshine Coast. Each mark on the map signifies not just a sighting, but a connection with these fascinating creatures. Together, we weave a story of where these bats thrive, adding depth to our understanding of their habits.

Species Diversity and Conservation Status:
Delving deeper, Batwatch introduces you to the vibrant array of flying fox species gracing the Sunshine Coast. With data in hand, you can explore their individual traits and understand the conservation status of each species. This insight empowers you to prioritize protection where it's needed most.

Spotlight on Vulnerability:
Through Batwatch's specialized tool, you'll glimpse into the vulnerabilities faced by different species. The data guides you to comprehend the urgency of conservation, guiding your efforts towards species most at risk.

Empowering Community Engagement:
Batwatch transforms you from a bystander into a guardian. You can actively contribute by reporting flying fox sightings and sharing observations. By engaging with the app, you're connecting with a community dedicated to safeguarding these remarkable creatures.

Inspiring Conservation Actions:
Batwatch isn't just an app; it's a call to action. It equips you with practical tips and resources, enabling you to translate knowledge into impactful actions. From adopting bat-friendly practices to participating in local conservation events, you're at the forefront of change.

Fueled by the Sunshine Coast Council's Flying Fox Survey data, Batwatch transcends technology. It's an ode to understanding, an anthem for action, and a testament to our collective commitment to preserving the Sunshine Coast's unique ecosystem. As Batwatch beckons you to join this data-driven narrative, it empowers you to stand as a guardian, nurturing the harmony between flying foxes and our beloved Sunshine Coast.

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Sunshine Coast Council: EnvvecFlyingFoxSurvey

Description of Use The data is used for identify the habitats in the local area.

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Governance - Better use of data

How can we better utilise population data of urban flying-fox roosts to improve understanding of their movement patterns and promote strategic conservation efforts and inform management responses to reduce human/wildlife conflict?

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