Graph Automation - Flying Fox Populations on the Sunshine Coast

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Flying foxes play a crucial part in the bushland around the Sunshine Coast area. They are responsible for spreading the seeds of several plants in the local ecosystem. Human development has however put these animals at risk, as they risk losing their habitat and therefore harming the local biodiversity.

While official datasets exists, due to the thousands of entries they contain, it can be difficult for conservationists to extrapolate any trends or meaning from it.

My graph automation program aims to make the data surrounding these populations more accessible to researchers as well as to the general public. You only have to type in what species of flying fox you want to access data on, and which roost they live in, and you can get all of the data visualised in the form of a line graph.

Data Story

This tool takes use of 2 distinct government datasets. The first being the Sunshine Coast Council flying fox survey dataset, which was lightly cleaned in excel before being exported into csv format. The second dataset was the BOM climate dataset, which was heavily subsetted to be used in this hack. It was firstly subsetted to only contain the data collected from 2010 onwards from the Sunshine Coast airport, and then further subsetted to only contain daily maximum temperatures and rainfall amounts.

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BOM Sunshine Coast Airport Maximum Temperature Data

Description of Use Used to take maximum temperature data from 2010 to present. Could be used to see correlations between how weather affects flying fox populations.

Data Set

BOM Sunshine Coast Airport Rainfall Data

Description of Use Dataset used to take daily rainfall data from 2010 to present. Could be used to see correlations between how weather affects flying fox populations.

Data Set

Envvec Flying Fox Survey

Description of Use Used to source population data of black, little red, and grey headed flying foxes

Data Set

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Governance - Better use of data

How can we better utilise population data of urban flying-fox roosts to improve understanding of their movement patterns and promote strategic conservation efforts and inform management responses to reduce human/wildlife conflict?

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