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H2Optimise is dedicated to devising strategies that effectively reduce emissions by minimising idle durations. Through our integrated application platform designed for employees, we have introduced a rewards system contingent upon the reduction of carbon emissions. This innovative approach aims to inspire a reduction in unnecessary idling instances, fostering a culture of heightened environmental consciousness and resource conservation.

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Data Story

We used the Unitywater vehicle management data set. This data set was a comprehensive collection of information detailing various aspects of the fleet's operations.

To represent the data visually a pie chart, Bar Chart and QGIS. This enabled us to identify the routes of the employees and the emissions from the vehicles.

As we move forward, our vision extends to the enhancement of Unitywater's vehicles. We envision integrating an app that tracks an employee's Driving idle and stop time which then is calculated into a percentage of CO2 emitted, in which Unitywater can utilise to provide a reduction of CO2 emission, for the service trucks generators, solar panels, and/or batteries to address the unavoidable idle times. This proactive approach would not only minimise emissions but also contribute to the adoption of sustainable practices, aligning with Unitywater's commitment to a greener future.

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CO2 Emission by Vehicles

Data Set

VMS Telemetry Data

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VMS Vehicle Data

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VMS Employee Data

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VMS UW Infrastructure Data

Data Set

Unitywater Vehicle Management Data

Description of Use We complied the Idle Duration Data and the Driving Distance Data to calculate and plot the amount of CO2 emitted, of these data sets.

Data Set

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Driving a better way forward

Unitywater travels over 3.9 million kilometres each year maintaining water and wastewater services for our region. How might we use our vehicle data to benefit people, planet and productivity in the future? How might we improve our commitment to environmental sustainability, simplified work practices and people safety using vehicle data?

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