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Interactive map with search functionality which searches your local address or place for Heritage items. Returned results are also searched with Wikipedia for related image and meta data.

#heritage #history #search #map

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Understanding heritage's universal value is key. By celebrating its role in enriching lives, we forge a profound connection with our collective past. Preserving traditions is essential, and collaborative efforts, education, and intergenerational exchanges keep these legacies alive.

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Description of Use Merges information returned from the NSW-State Heritage Inventory

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NSW-State Heritage Inventory

Description of Use Created a wrapper API around this.

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Discover Heritage: Unravel your local stories

Ignite a passion for heritage and bridge the gap between people and their cultural roots. How can the community discover the untold stories of their local heritage and understand its universal value. How can we create lasting impact by preserving traditions, building community bonds, and boosting local economies through heritage tourism.

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Enhancing heritage inventory: Bridging the knowledge gap

Knowledge is power. The State Heritage Inventory contains data gaps that impact the effective management and protection of our irreplaceable heritage items and Aboriginal cultural sites. How can open-source data enhance the inventory and deliver better outcomes for our state heritage, Aboriginal cultural heritage and our community?

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