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Divya , Parvathy , Charlotte , Tong , Samara

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InclusiPlay presents a creative avenue to tackle ESG challenges including labor practices, inequality, regulatory compliance and racial bias. By effectively educating individuals, it champions the importance of diversity and inclusiveness. This digital board game serves as an inventive tool for raising awareness, catering to diverse age groups with its user-friendly methods to understand and embrace diversity and inclusion to enhance ESG framework.

InclusiPlay also can be tagged to use gamification to provide exposure to sustainable tourism practices.

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Data Story

"InclusiPlay" is a creative strategy that utilizes gamification in the form of a snakes and ladders game. It aims to address ESG challenges by incorporating a points and badges system, enhancing public awareness and engagement.Through InclusiPlay, individuals are invited to explore a tapestry of cultures, backgrounds, and viewpoints, fostering a sense of unity and shared humanity. Designed for everyone where it transforms information into an exciting adventure, allowing participants to grasp complex concepts with ease in the form of ESG specific scenarios (e.g . Team Collaboration Challenge ,Eco Friendly Office Challenge). This innovative platform propels curiosity and empathy, driving active participation and facilitating profound connections with different communities. InclusiPlay redefines education by infusing it with entertainment, turning each interaction into an opportunity for personal growth and societal enrichment, ultimately contributing to a more inclusive and harmonious world.

An analysis of data from WIPO found that women in Australia are less likely to be inventors than men. There is a gap of 2%, which is higher than the international average. This suggests that there are barriers to women's participation in innovation in Australia.

Moreover the analysis of WGEA data -Gender equality score card 2022 shines light about the gender pay gap of 22.8% where women are paid on average annually 26.6 K less than men .

We, as a team, believe that the change needs to come from younger generations. For that, creative methods such as games shall generate better interest among youngsters as well as community and will influence public authorities to make policy amendments for more female enablement across industry sectors and create significant uplift in the ESG performance.

Game Concept:
"InclusiPlay" takes the format of a snakes and ladders board game. Players move their game pieces based on dice rolls, navigating through various challenges and opportunities related to ESG topics.

Points and Badges:
Players earn points for successfully navigating challenges, answering ESG-related questions correctly, and making sustainable choices within the game. Points can contribute to their overall progress and success.

Additionally, players can earn badges for achieving specific milestones or demonstrating their understanding of ESG concepts. These badges not only serve as a form of recognition but also encourage players to learn and engage more deeply with the game's content.
Educational Content:
Each space on the game board could represent a different aspect of ESG, such as environmental conservation, workplace diversity, ethical governance, and more. As players land on these spaces, they encounter challenges, trivia questions, or scenarios related to that specific ESG aspect.

Real-World Impact:
To enhance the game's impact, you could link certain in-game achievements or milestones to real-world actions. For example, earning a badge related to reducing energy consumption in the game could translate to participants pledging to reduce their energy consumption at home.

Awareness and Engagement:
By presenting ESG challenges and opportunities in a game format, "InclusiPlay" effectively captures players' attention and encourages them to learn more about these critical topics. The combination of points, badges, and interactive gameplay motivates players to explore the various aspects of sustainability and encourages positive behavior changes.

InclusiPlay provides information about Australia leveraged from Research Data Australia We have added further information for user engagement with this application in the form of questions/ scenarios. The dataset to enable this input has been collected from
Finally, data for ESG and inclusivity insights across the industry sectors in Australia was taken from the ASIC, WGEA ,ABS, DISR and PWC
Overall, "InclusiPlay" serves as an innovative and engaging method to educate the public on ESG challenges, encourage sustainable behaviors, and cultivate greater awareness about the significance of environmental, social, and governance matters through interactive and enjoyable gameplay.

Evidence of Work



Team DataSets

ABS Census Data

Description of Use Cultural diversity and education and Training

Data Set

South Australian Tourism

Description of Use Using this as a inspiration to extend InclusiPlay Application. The idea from 4 Year 7 School kids :)

Data Set

ESG Reporting in Australia

Description of Use Provides guidance and insights regarding how industry sectors perform against each other and how reporting changes with ASX200 positioning.

Data Set

Department of Industry, Science and Researches

Description of Use Data serves as a guidance for embedding strong ESG practices to gain higher ESG credentials for Australia

Data Set


Description of Use This is to inform users in terms of insights about ESG in Australia as part of training and other scenarios.

Data Set

WGEA Data Explorer

Description of Use The WGEA Data Explorer is used in a hackathon to analyse solutions to address gender inequality in the workplace. We used the data to provide inputs to tool that helps businesses track their progress on gender equality, or to develop a campaign to encourage more women to enter STEM fields.

Data Set

Australia : evolution of a continent

Description of Use Usage for setting up board game.

Data Set

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