Reimagining Records

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Minecraft Spies

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Levi , Kieran

Project Description

Accessing public records from state government is not exactly on the list of things a young person might do. How can we help young people to engage with public records and unlock the potential to learn about the past to build for the future.

This project uses Minecraft and openly available mods to take photographic and image based records and display a remixed version in a Minecraft world. Young people can make use of our simple browser-based app/mod to easily search the records, view information about when the record was created and its title. The app/mod allows them to select a number of records they'd like to generate in Minecraft.

Once downloaded, they can remix through the use of Minecraft blocks to represent pixels, seeing these records come to life in an engaging platform. Young people can then leverage these images in their creation of other buildings and structures in the game.

This app and mod are ideally positioned for educators to leverage resources from these valuable archiving records from state and local governments in their classrooms.

While the initial prototype app leverages a limited query in the PROV API, this could easily be extended to include records from other jurisdictions.

Future development will include a Java-based mod for Minecraft that integrates the web app directly into Minecraft.

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Data Story

By making use of the PROV API in this prototype queries a limited number of records as a proof of concept and displays them in a web interface that is easy for young people to engage with .

Other data sets included are ACT Memory where the web app will interact in a similar way to load different series of images.

Finally relevant Trove data has been incorporated into the listed data sets and could also be queried and displayed.

Because of the design of the app and a future java mod, other data sets from national, state, and local government could be leveraged.

Evidence of Work


Team DataSets

ACT Memory

Description of Use Displaying images in our Minecraft mod/web-app for young people to download and engage with a remixed version in Minecraft.

Data Set


Description of Use Access to API to provide images in Minecraft mod and web-app for young people to remix and access in different ways.

Data Set


Description of Use Querying the API to search through different series of photos and then downloading a small version of the image (400px by 400px) prepared for use in Minecraft.

Data Set

Challenge Entries

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