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Data Vikings

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Param , Anu , Priyanka , Alisha and 2 other members with unpublished profiles.

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The Northern Territory Government has a visionary goal of fostering an innovative society with
a scientifically literate community. To bridge the gap between the advancements in Science
and Technology (S&T) and the general public, we propose the implementation of an AIpowered communication platform. This platform will compile and report NT-based S&T
advances to the community, ensuring that citizens, regardless of their location, are informed
about the remarkable achievements within their region.
The project faces several challenges that need to be addressed:
➢ Lack of Internet Connectivity: A significant portion of communities lacks internet
access, limiting their ability to benefit from the project's online resources.
➢ Language Barriers [4]: The Northern Territory is culturally diverse, with various
languages spoken. Overcoming language barriers to ensure inclusivity is essential.
➢ Lack of Mobile Phones: Some residents may not have mobile phones, hindering their
access to SMS-based content delivery.
➢ Complexity of Science Reports: Lengthy, technical science reports may not be
practical or engaging for the general population, including children.
➢ Personalized Content: Tailoring content to individual interests and demographics can
be a logistical challenge but is crucial for engagement.
The proposed solutions to address the project's challenges are as follows:
➢ SMS Summaries: Send concise newsletter summaries to all interested individuals via
SMS, ensuring that those without internet access can still receive valuable
➢ Multilingual NLP: Utilize Natural Language Processing (NLP) in AI to translate content
from English into the six available native languages, breaking down language barriers.
➢ Community Library Kiosks: Establish kiosks in 30 community libraries [2]to provide
internet access and facilitate access to online content for those with limited
➢ Content Framework: Develop a content framework that summarizes the key points of
lengthy science reports, making them more accessible and understandable for the
general public.
➢ Personalization through AI: Implement AI-driven personalization to tailor content to
the age and interests of individual recipients, enhancing engagement and relevance.


Data Story

Project Data Story:
In order to devise an effective strategy, we utilized the Northern Territory Government's
mobile connection coverage data to understand the distribution of internet connectivity
across communities.
Data Sets used: The comprehensive analysis of both dataset 1(communities-with-mobilecoverage [1]), which outlines various communities in the Northern Territory, and dataset
2(remote-communities-mobile-coverage [1]), which highlights small cell coverage by mobile
phone providers, has unveiled significant findings. The open data portal houses one dataset
featuring communities with internet access, while the other dataset, obtained from an
external source, encompasses all communities, both with and without internet connectivity.
Our analysis indicates that out of the 782 communities in total, 56 are fortunate to have
internet facilities, leaving a considerable majority of 726 communities without access to the
internet. This digital divide underscores the need for a well-rounded strategy that caters to
the diverse digital access landscape in the Northern Territory.
➢ Approximately 56 out of 782 communities have access to the internet through mobile
networks, primarily provided by Optus and Telstra.
➢ Geographically, these communities are spread across the Northern Territory, indicating
a relatively even distribution of internet access.
➢ Population sizes in these connected communities vary, highlighting the importance of
tailored communication strategies to reach diverse audiences.
➢ Multiple providers contribute to internet access, suggesting competition and potential
variations in service quality.
➢ This analysis aids in planning targeted science and technology communication,
acknowledging the digital divide.
➢ Bridging this gap requires additional resources for communities without internet
access, ensuring equitable access to information.
➢ The insights help in customizing communication strategies and assessing the
awareness levels of science and technology developments in connected and
disconnected communities.
This profound gap in digital access presents a substantial hurdle when it comes to reaching
the more isolated regions. By addressing the unique needs of both connected and
unconnected communities, we aim to bridge the digital divide and promote inclusivity in
Science and Technology awareness across the Northern Territory

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Team DataSets

Mobile Phone Coverage in Remote Areas of the NT 2022

Data Set

Remote Communities with 3G/4G Mobile Coverage 2021

Description of Use This data set was used to analyze the internet availability in remote communities in northern territory.

Data Set

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