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Problem Statement:

Financial outcomes for women can be significantly improved by fostering diversity and inclusion across industries. Despite the ideal situation of equality of opportunity, professional development, reduced barriers, gender pay equity, and flexible work environments, the current reality falls short, perpetuating a cycle of gender-based disparities. Women continue to face numerous challenges that hinder their economic empowerment and career advancement, creating a landscape where their potential remains largely untapped.

Project Objective:

The project aims to address gender-based disparities in financial outcomes by promoting diversity and inclusion across various industries. Despite the aspiration for equal opportunities, professional growth, reduced barriers, equitable pay, and adaptable work environments, the present reality does not align, leading to the continuation of gender-related inequalities. Women encounter multiple obstacles that hinder their economic empowerment and career progression, thereby restricting the realization of their full potential.

According to the ATO stats 2020-2021, there exists a substantial income disparity between genders in different Australian industries. Notably, in the healthcare and social assistance sector, the average income of males is more than double that of females. While men record an average earning of $200,000, women's average earnings are only around $90,000. This project seeks to delve into the root causes of such discrepancies and devise strategies to rectify them, ultimately fostering a more inclusive and equitable professional landscape.


  • Occupational Segregation: Women often find themselves clustered in certain industries or roles, such as education or healthcare, which are historically associated with lower pay and status.
  • Glass Ceiling and Career Progression Barriers: Discriminatory practices, biased promotion decisions, and a lack of mentorship opportunities.
  • Implicit Bias and Stereotypes: Implicit biases and gender stereotypes persist within workplaces.
  • Negotiation Disadvantage: Women often face challenges in negotiating their salaries and benefits.
  • Lack of Role Models: The scarcity of visible female role models in senior positions.
  • Work-Life Balance Pressures: Women frequently bear a disproportionate share of caregiving responsibilities.
  • Unconscious Exclusion: Women may be unintentionally excluded from informal networks and opportunities.
  • Inadequate Support Structures: Inflexible work environments, limited access to parental leave.
  • Lack of Representation in STEM Fields: In male-dominated fields like Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), women face barriers to entry.

Consequences and Effects:

The cumulative impact of these challenges perpetuates gender-based economic disparities, with significant consequences for both women and society at large. These consequences include:
- Economic Inequality: Limiting women's financial independence and contributing to broader societal inequalities.
- Missed Opportunities for Innovation: Industries that lack diversity miss out on the innovation.
- Unrealized Potential: The untapped potential of women's talents and skills.
- Societal Impact: Gender-based economic disparities perpetuate harmful societal norms.
- Underrepresentation in Leadership: The scarcity of women in leadership positions results in skewed decision-making.


To address these challenges and their consequences, a multifaceted solution is needed. This solution aims to break down barriers, reshape workplace culture, and empower women.

SheSpectrum, Tap. Swipe. Transform – a pioneering app for transforming women

By implementing the below innovative features, SheSpectrum aims to break down barriers:

  1. Smooth Onboarding Odyssey: Experience a seamless introduction to the platform.
  2. Passion Explorer: Transforms interests into tangible career paths.
  3. Discover Your Worth: Reveal your true value with the "Discover Your Worth" tool.
  4. Success Stories: Showcases the stories of women who defied odds.
  5. Path to Prosperity: Uncover the highest-paying positions across diverse industry categories.
  6. Mentor Matchmaking: Designed to connect aspiring women professionals with experienced mentors.
  7. Local Empowerment Hub: Connect with a dynamic community.
  8. Empower Your Dreams: A dynamic feature designed to ignite your aspirations.

Join the Movement:

SheSpectrum is not just a solution; it's a movement. Join us in shaping a world where women's economic empowerment is not just an aspiration, but a reality.

Why SheSpectrum?

  • Empowerment: Break free from limitations.
  • Inspiration: Draw strength from the journeys of women.
  • Support: Forge lasting mentor-mentee relationships.
  • Visibility: Showcase your accomplishments.
  • Equity: Discover your worth and contribute to closing the gender pay gap.

Embark on Your Empowerment Journey:

SheSpectrum is your partner on the path to economic empowerment. Download the revolutionary app SheSpectrum from the Google Play Store or App Store to embark on your journey towards empowerment and financial success.

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Data Story

When looking at the ATO data sets; This showed how the industry wide disparity exists between Male Vs Females in various industries. Males are paid higher in most of the industries irrespective of the type of industry. This is common across states all over Australia. In certain industries males are paid almost two times in wages compared to the female counter parts.

The data also allows us to compare and highlight the disparity within our solution itself.

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Team DataSets

Taxation Statistics 2020-21 – Individuals Table 3: Selected items, by sex, taxable status, age range and taxable income range, 2010–11 to 2020–21 income years

Description of Use This data helps the "discover your industry" worth feature and also is used in the "Passion Finder" feature as it helps identify various higher paying carreers (backed by a combination of skill/interests) so a roadmap can be formed to get more females into that space.

Data Set

Taxation Statistics 2020-21 – Individuals Table 5: Selected items, by sex, state/territory and broad industry, 2020–21 income year

Description of Use This data is used to highlight the the disparity in wages across Australia among males and females. This data is used for the "Discover your industry worth is" feature in terms of comparing salary with reported. This dataset was also used to breakdown and understand the problem and formulate an ideal situation which we can work towards.

Data Set

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