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Malik , Mehreen , Usman

Project Description

A unified application is to be developed that has a multiple-purpose function to provide security and safety of information. This application is to be developed on multi-platforms like Android, Windows, MAC, and IOS.

Features of Application:

- The app will Utilize machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to detect patterns of fraudulent behavior, such as unusual account activity or transactions over the network.
- Implement behavioral biometric authentication, which analyzes user behavior patterns (typing speed, mouse movement, etc.) to verify identity.
- Digital Identity Verification: Integrate digital identity verification tools to ensure that users are who they claim to be.
- Create a whitelist of approved applications that are allowed to run on your network, preventing unauthorized and potentially malicious software. To store and safeguard all the social media apps, banking apps, and professional apps in a single folder with a 2-factor authentication or biometric verification.
- The app will log the person out of all social media apps so each time person has to log in again for the session with 2FA enabled.
- The app will block any transaction of more than $5000 and will send a notification to the bank to hold the payment for at least 2 to 3 hours even after telephonic call verification with the application user.
- The application will come with its own firewall to protect against any infiltration from outside and any suspicious activity over the network.
- All the emails, SMS, and Voice calls will be analyzed by the AI built into the application to analyze the trends of personal behavior and activities before the execution. This will only be subject to professional and social media conversations.
- The app will analyze the financial and professional documents related to business and it will be scanned by the AI of the application to see any irregularities and behavioral abnormalities to detect any fraudulent activity.
- The app will block the ads and introduce fake cookies so that browser cannot know the exact information of the person.
- The app will come with higher protection mode for underage and older people who will be signing up at the beginning.

Usage requirements of the application:

- People more than 45 years of age should use this application as they are most likely unfamiliar with the technology and they are most likely to be scammed by the scammers.
- Any person with low education specifically no education over secondary education should use this application.
- All teenagers should use this application because they are most likely to fall into online frauds.


- For banks, it is necessary to deduct the payment from the payee and transfer it to the receiver but hold the rights of payment for at least 3 to 4 hours so that the receiver cannot move this payment further. After this holding time, receiver will be able to move or use the payment at his or her will. This holding time, will provide the bank a chance to call the payment back and send it back to payee.

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Data Story

Data sets were used to analyze the cyber crimes and which age groups, genders and relationships and
financial state of person are more likely to fall in to traps set by scammers.


Team DataSets

Cyber crime incidents

Description of Use This dataset helps us to identify whihc type of scams are most likely to occur with respect to their frequencies.

Data Set

Average enrolment and attendance by year, Term 1 2023

Description of Use This dataset will give us insight the level of education basic level of education required to analyze and predict the scam and recognize if its happening.

Data Set

Projected Enrolled Population by Statistical Area Level 1 (SA1)

Description of Use This dataset will enable us to see what population trends will be there in future and people under 18 or single relations that will be more susuptable to online fraud.

Data Set

Income Support Recipients by State and Statistical Area Level 2 - as at 12 February 2021

Description of Use This data will show how people of having low income will most likely get into scams of lottery or online relations.

Data Set

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Staying one step ahead

How might we use open data to provide insights, identify online intervention points and/or possible digital solutions that could prevent people from falling for any type of online scam, whether that be at home or at work?

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