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AmeetB , Syam , Parth Master , Arun Abilash , Praveen PL and 1 other member with an unpublished profile.

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Our proposed solution involves a community power grid and sharing App.

Community power grids are decentralized energy systems that serve a specific local area or community.

Residents and businesses within the community can share excess energy generated by their renewable sources with one another. This sharing of energy can optimize resource utilization and enhance energy reliability during peak demand or grid disruptions.

Removable battery sharing from power grids involves a unique approach to energy management and distribution, where communities or individuals have access to a pool of removable batteries that can be shared among users.

Energy sharing App GreenVolt is the medium for monitoring the power grid, requesting resources and forums for interaction.

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Based on the analysis, data supports the idea that shared renewable energy can be a successful solution to the problem of high costs for apartment dwellers and owners. For example, a study by the Rocky Mountain Institute found that community solar projects can save participants an average of 20% on their electricity bills.

Another study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory found that virtual power plants can help to reduce peak demand for electricity, which can save money for utilities and consumers.

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