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Mica , Arjun

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TenancyIQ revolutionizes the way renters approach their living experience. Developed by a team that understands the challenges of relocating, TenancyIQ empowers users to forecast rent, explore potential homes, and access invaluable government data for informed decisions. Seamlessly combining analytics, user-friendly interfaces, and reliable insights, TenancyIQ not only simplifies financial planning but also offers a stress-free pathway to discovering the perfect living space. Whether you're a seasoned renter or embarking on your first move, TenancyIQ is your trusted companion for effortless and intelligent living.

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Data Story

By harnessing government data and integrating it seamlessly with predictive analytics, our app unveils patterns and trends within the rental landscape. From identifying fluctuating rental costs to understanding neighborhood dynamics, our data-driven approach equips users with a holistic view of their living choices. We are committed to translating complex data into user-friendly visualizations, enabling renters to make informed decisions and embark on their renting journey with confidence and clarity.

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Issue 144 (2023) Rent tables June 2023 quarter

Description of Use We used a subset of the dataset to come up with suggestions for the renter. We calculate the next quarter's rent amount and present it to the user.

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Cost of Living Pressure NSW

Cost of living is key issue effecting many NSW citizens. What can data such as the rental bonds and fuel price data tell us about the impact and possible solutions?

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