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Swapnil , Shiraz , Arsh , Eric

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The project aims to use Generative AI trained on custom Data that focuses on research done in the NT, for the NT and by the NT. The NT is home to the finest research institutes, namely Charles Darwin University, Menzies, Desert Knowledge Australia, CSIRO and more. However, there is a need to communicate their research and research impacts to Territorians. This will help create a community that is conscious of researching advancements in the NT, greater involvement with research and uplifting the NT on various social and economic levels.
The idea of this project is rooted in the emotional connection to the NT proud Territorians have, highlighting the significant research activity that's going on in that region; we've not only included Darwin and Alice Springs but have included ongoing research activity for the regional and remote parts of the NT. Many remote communities may not have English as their first language. Hence we are leveraging the translational capabilities of the AI model to better communicate the research highlights in indigenous languages like Yolgnu. The translational ability can be further enhanced by feeding more data to the custom-trained AI model.

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Data Story

The Data included various research papers that involved any part of NT. The data was collected from the research institutes in the NT.
The Data was cleaned, converted to the appropriate data type, and then fed to the AI language model to custom-train it on the given data.

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Menzies Data

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Data Set

Cancer Incidence and Mortality Northern Territory 1991-2005NT

Description of Use Using this data along with other data to feed into the AI language model

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Using AI to better connect Northern Territory Science with the community

How can the Northern Territory Government use AI to better compile and report to the community the NT-based advances in Science and Technology?

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