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Bunker Boys

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We are a small group from Mount Barker Community College (MBCC) who have designed an app to track freights whilst delivering packages. The app will allow the public to put in a tracking number for their packages and monitor its every movement. They'll be able to know exactly when it arrives. The app also allows the government to monitor traffic congestion and roadworks.

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Description of Use We used this data set to talk and look at congestion on Australian roads.

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Roadworks and Road Closure

Description of Use We used this data to look at roadworks and road closures in Australia.

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Identify plausible domestic freight routes across different modes of transport

Determine the most efficient way of moving freight around Australia using average speed of trucks and trains. An intermodal train can load 100 to 150 shipping containers. Goods can only move between trucks and trains at seaports and intermodal terminals. Consider using Google Maps Places API to identify major manufacturers and distribution centres.

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