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SafeWeb Innovators

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Sujan , Sakib , Tracy Tran

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Centralized Platform to prevent you from online scams
Introduction: The digital age has brought countless opportunities and conveniences. However, alongside its benefits, it has also opened doors to an alarming number of vulnerabilities. More and more hackers are trying to scam people out of their hard-earned money. They are always coming up with new ways of doing so, including scams through online sales platforms like Facebook Marketplace, PayID scams, phishing texts, emails, and much more.
Problem Statement:
Scammers frequently provide a product or service that appears to be too good to be true, or they pose as real organizations in order to steal your personal information, including passwords. It is hard to include all current frauds because there are so many (and then variations on the same scam).
Project Objective: Develop a centralized platform that uses open data to provide insights, identify online intervention points, and offers digital solutions that prevent individuals from falling victim to any form of online scam, be it at their residence or workplace.
Solution: Centralized Platform Features:
1. Data Insights:
* Analysis of current trends in scams.
* Personal risk assessment based on individual online behaviors.
* Regular updates on new and emerging scam methods.
2. Intervention Points:
* Real-time alerts for potentially risky online actions or behaviors.
* Verification prompts when encountering possible phishing sites or emails.
* Security questions or multi-factor authentication for suspicious online transactions.
3. Education & Training Modules:
* Regularly updated modules to train users about current scamming tactics.
* Simulated scam attempts to test and train users in a controlled environment.
4. Scammer Vulnerability Exploration:
* A feature that collects and analyzes common traits or patterns in scam methods.
* Collaborative platform where users can report and share scamming experiences.
* Feedback loop to law enforcement for actionable intelligence.
5. Protection Mechanism:
* Automatic scanning of emails, messages, and URLs for known phishing or scam tactics.
* Safe browsing mode, which highlights trusted sites and warns against untrusted ones.
6. Community Support:
* A forum for users to share, discuss, and warn others of new or experienced scams.
* Collaborative rating system to rank the trustworthiness of online platforms, sellers, or services.
Conclusion: As online scams evolve, it is crucial to stay one step ahead. By utilizing open data and fostering a community-centric approach, this centralized platform aims not only to safeguard individuals from potential scams but also to empower them with the knowledge and tools to navigate the online world securely.

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DHS Annual Report Data - Fraud

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ESCOSA - Annual Report - Instances of fraud recorded

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