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Conor Bennett , Karam , Michael , Tristan , Jordan

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WisdomWalks is an open-source knowledge base website, fostering community contribution on building a permanent archive for Indigenous knowledge and cultural heritage sites. This data will be organised as articles on an interactive map, with the purpose of encouraging users to go out and visit/learn about their local heritage sites. This will simultaneously raise awareness and start societal discussions about Indigeneous issues and culture, in and of itself helping to close the gap, while also promoting the heritage tourism industry.

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Data Story

We used New South Wales's State Heritage Inventory database to locate Indigenous heritage sites and objects which we used to prepopulate the map and generate some articles. This resource was invaluable, since it highlighted the location of all known Indigenous heritage sites, and allowed for interactive viewing of their location. In a non-prototype expansion of the project, we would include this to use the whole dataset rather than a sample, but due to the infrastructure capacity limitations inherent to a prototype, we were forced to choose only a small representative sample of the dataset. The dataset included both heritage sites and cultural objects, however most of these were tied to particular physical locations, which informed our decision to implement a map as the navigation hub for our wiki.

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NSW-State Heritage Inventory

Description of Use We are using this data to pre-populate our knowledge base (to demonstrate how it integrates with existing data sources as well as provide some sample data to demonstrate how it works). The nature of the data will also help inform us what infrastructure our site needs (i.e. what sort of data it needs to be able to handle).

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Ignite a passion for heritage and bridge the gap between people and their cultural roots. How can the community discover the untold stories of their local heritage and understand its universal value. How can we create lasting impact by preserving traditions, building community bonds, and boosting local economies through heritage tourism.

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Enhancing heritage inventory: Bridging the knowledge gap

Knowledge is power. The State Heritage Inventory contains data gaps that impact the effective management and protection of our irreplaceable heritage items and Aboriginal cultural sites. How can open-source data enhance the inventory and deliver better outcomes for our state heritage, Aboriginal cultural heritage and our community?

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Using Open Data to Close the Gap

How can we improve the data and information sharing practices between governments and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and organisations to Close the Gap?

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