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Amp up SA: Forecasting Electric Transport for Grid Resilience

Jurisdiction: South Australia

How might we prepare our state for the growing electrification of the transport sector?

The transport sector can be defined in its broadest sense to include all road transport - freight, rail, shipping, and aviation.

So far, we have seen a strong focus on the electrification of passenger vehicles (EV’s). Via this GovHack we are seeking to improve our insights of the broader transport sector so that we can proactively identify relevant strategic opportunities and risks.

The objective of this challenge is to explore different future scenarios for the intersection of renewable energy, solar optimisation, and electric transport integration in South Australia.

Participants are encouraged to develop solutions that address any of the following key aspects such as:

• Can we predict the growth of electric vehicles and transport and the impact it will have on energy demand in South Australia?
• What type of transport is most likely to be electrified and when? How can a forecast be created for this? What will the forecast show?
• What impact will electrification of the transport industry have on the net-zero 2050 target for South Australia?

About SA Power Networks and future energy demand:

In a rapidly evolving energy landscape, it is crucial for SA Power Networks to make informed strategic decisions that align with the future energy demand. Our hackathon challenge aims to support the development an advanced energy market prediction dashboard specifically tailored to South Australia. By leveraging data-driven insights, we will empower decision-makers and customers to anticipate and shape energy demand trends, thereby fostering an energy ecosystem that is more sustainable, more secure, and more equitable.

A transformation is underway in how we make and use electricity, and South Australia is leading the way. The energy system is being reshaped by the rapid adoption of distributed energy resources (DER) such as solar panels, batteries and electric vehicles.  The uptake of rooftop solar in South Australia, already among the highest in the world at more than a third of our customers, continues to grow. Our electricity distribution network is at the heart of this transition and SA Power Networks is developing innovative solutions to meet the changing energy needs of our customers, while ensuring the continued affordability, safety, and reliability of the electricity supply.

We’ve set our own target to double the amount of solar on our network by 2025. We’re also preparing the network for the growing uptake of home batteries and electric vehicles, and emerging technologies like virtual power plants (VPPs) and community energy.

You can read more about the things we’re doing now and over the next five years in our Distributed Energy Transition Roadmap.

We are committed to helping achieve a new era of economic growth for South Australia – powered by abundant, low-cost, safe, and reliable clean energy.

Additional Information

Relevant links:

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• Truck Industry Council - Modernising the Australian Truck Fleet PDF
• ARTSA Institute - Performance Based Standards Australia’s PBS fleet 2020 Report PDF
• Website -

Image credit: SA Power Networks.

Eligibility: The solution must focus on the impact to South Australia.

Entry: Challenge entry is only available to teams in South Australia.

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