Disarming Disinformation: Leveraging Open Data for Truth and Trust

Jurisdiction: Aotearoa New Zealand

Combating disinformation

How can we combat rampant misinformation and disinformation by using open data to promote truth, trust and informed decisions?

In recent years, the proliferation of disinformation and misinformation has created a pressing need to safeguard the truth and integrity of information. This has been seen notably around the response to Covid-19 and recent elections. Open data can be a powerful weapon in this battle, enabling individuals and organizations to access, analyse, and disseminate accurate information. To address this challenge, participants are encouraged to explore various aspects of the Disarm Framework https://www.disarm.foundation/framework and apply open data to develop innovative solutions that counteract disinformation and promote truth and trust.

Some examples pulled from the Disarm Framework of how to combat misinformation and disinformation that might be approached with open data:

  • Real-Time Fact-Checking: Create tools that update fact-checking databases and resources in real-time, with a focus on time-limited events like natural disasters, health emergencies, or elections.

  • Debunking Misinformation: Develop platforms that effectively debunk misinformation content and provide credible links to verifiable facts, helping users make informed decisions.

  • Anticipating Narratives: Build predictive models that anticipate the narratives used in misinformation incidents and proactively debunk them before they spread widely.

  • Open-Source Libraries: Foster the creation of open-source libraries and frameworks that aid in fact-checking, strategic planning, and countering adversarial efforts.

  • Positive Campaigns: Design campaigns that promote a feeling of safety and positivity to counter fear-based and ability-based attacks commonly seen in disinformation.

  • Strengthening Press Freedom: Empower press freedom by creating bipartisan commitments and alternative news sources that counter local-language propaganda outlets.

  • Displacing Geopolitically-Motivated Narratives: Develop content that expands and improves local content to replace misleading narratives across all media platforms.

  • Collaborative Response: Encourage the sharing of fact-checking resources, tips, responses, and counter messages among different response groups to efficiently combat disinformation.

  • Participants are encouraged to think creatively and utilize open data to build scalable, effective, and innovative solutions.

    More Information:
    The Disarm Foundation: https://www.disarm.foundation/
    The Disarm Framework: https://www.disarm.foundation/framework

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