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In a world grappling with the profound challenges of climate change, the enormity of rising temperatures and sea levels often leaves us feeling overwhelmed and detached from the urgent need for collective action. GeoCatch is a transformative answer to this complex dilemma, offering a dynamic solu...

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Nancy Holmes — The Trusted Reporter

Combat disinformation by allowing members of the public easy access to an information service, that is timely, reliable, and builds trust (in contrast to taking positions). Instead of a video, we have a working prototype that works in FB Messenger (https://m.me/121636614356237?ref=start). The...

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Citizen Council Connect

Ensuring mutuality between citizens and government is vital in facilitating an active democracy. The Christchurch Residents Survey revealed various areas of concern for citizens, indicating a lack of information and opportunity for involvement in Council decision-making. - 29% were satisfied w...

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BiasLenz: Unveiling Media Bias through Imagery In the midst of looming elections, the way different media outlets depict news stories has never been more apparent. Picture this: as you scroll through your news feed, your attention is primarily drawn to two elements - the headline and the featu...

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Whanganui has a lower uptake of internet connectivity in comparison to New Zealand and the wider region of Manawatu-Whanganui. The Backhousers decided to empower our community through a solution, Whispr, that enhances access to quality internet, fostering digital equity and promoting inclusion. B...

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