Entries to Explore the relationship between vehicle types and the uptake of EVs

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Checkpoint Project Team Location
Submission Project 2160 Team 2160 Burwood - Deakin
Submission MrMsGreen Family Adelaide
Submission EV Uptake and Travel Behavior Unicorn Consultants Melbourne
Submission Fast and "Fuelless" EV Power Rangers Digital NSW
Submission EVe - Electric Vehicle endpoint Data Barbies Digital NSW
Submission Watt Spy - Embrace the change. Drive electric. Team 2078 Canberra
Submission Charge Ahead The Electric Racers Digital VIC
Submission Factors that affect EV Uptake Fantastic Four Melbourne
Submission Driving Towards an Electric Future: ESG Analysis on EV Uptake in Australia Department of Spice Melbourne
Submission Project mk 1 403 Melbourne
Submission Alohomora Algorithm - ElectroMobility Nexus: Decoding EV Uptake Dynamics ALOHOMORA ALGORITHM Melbourne
Submission EVIC TelsStars - EVic Melbourne
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