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Share Care

<b><u> Introduction </b></u> Against rising living costs, Australian families need more baby and children’s essentials than ever. We Aussies are a charitable bunch, but everyone could be reminded of the community that needs us. Share Care is a hub for organisations like Roundabout to identify...

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Quantium Challenge: Second-Hand Goods Roundabout

We developed a web application for Roundabout employees to use and determine which suburb in the ACT is most likely to donate second-hand baby goods. We utilised the ABC socio-economic index data set and the ACT education database to include several factors such as the number of primary schools i...

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Quants Generative AI

This project uses Generative AI to provide vulnerable Australian users with personalised health recommendations. Users fill out a form and their inputs are sent to OpenAI's API, our generative AI, where they are then able to recieve feedback based on their health rating generated with scaled mult...

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Give and Grow Together

**The Tool** Our team has developed a generalised geographic information system (GIS) that processes a range of geographic data and synthesises them into a single scoring system, covering the user’s area of interest. A key guiding principle behind our design is that the user understands what...

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Community Needs Navigator

People and businesses are struggling with the cost-of-living crisis – but how can we find them and support those in need? **Community Needs Navigator (CNN)** is a tool to assist governments and charities allocate resources to the areas that need it the most. CNN leverages ABS and Regional D...

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Small change

## From little things, big things grow. Children grow up fast. And as they do, they outgrow clothes, shoes, equipment and toys. Small Change is here to help give your pre-loved goods a new lease on life. ## Track your impact Understanding the impact of a program is essential to d...

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Giving 2023

The arrival of a new baby is a joyous occasion but it is not without its challenges. For families throughout Australia one of the biggest challenges is unfortunately financial, providing for all that baby needs can be an expensive endeavour. This is where a "baby bank" comes in! A baby bank is a ...

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PhilanthroOptimize: Enhancing Roundabout's Impact Through Strategic Focus on Western Australia

As we join Roundabout Canberra in its mission to support families, our data-driven insights have led us to a heartfelt strategy with the potential for significant impact. By combining empathy and data, we're thrilled to present an idea that could amplify Roundabout's efforts: a focused approach o...

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The most common action taken to address the rising cost of living is to change purchasing behavior. In the survey, 76.9% of respondents reported that their standard of living improved after changing their purchasing behavior. Of these success stories, 48.9% of respondents buy cheaper meat, and 48...

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