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Getting out and about in WA... with a disability

Jurisdiction: Western Australia

How can we use data to uncover what events, local spaces, activities, and communities within WA are available to people with disabilities?

This challenge is a collaboration between these WA organisations: Disability Assembly WA (DAWA), Nulsen Disability Services, Pillar Support Coordination, Australian Inclusion Group, Uniting WA, and Partner&Prosper.

The challenge

WA is an exciting state with lots on – events, local spaces, activities, and community activities.

For this challenge we’d like you to think about these very real situations: I have a severe visual impairment, what are my options? I am in a large, powered wheelchair and utilise a highrise van, where can I go? I'm neuro-diverse and don’t like too many visual or oral distractions, can I go? I don't like lots of people around me, where can I go? I cannot speak and use a communication device to express myself, but my support worker can speak, can we come? You can't see my disability, how do I know if I can come to your place/your event?

How can you use data to find out information about the accessibility and inclusivity of events, local spaces, activities and communities? How would you ensure the information is reliable and up to date?

When thinking about people with disabilities, you might like to consider:
• Manual wheelchairs
• Power wheelchairs
• Vision impairment
• Hearing impairments
• Neuro diversity
• Highrise vans
• Ramps/lifts
• ACROD parking
• Companion tickets
• Hearing loops
• Pictorial based signage for people who have difficulty reading
• Direction markers
• Voice control software
• Braille options
• Accessible toilets
• And more

Additional Information

Relevant links:

Image credit: Disability Assembly WA, CC BY-NC.

Eligibility: Any data provided by at least one WA council + one other suitable dataset; examples could be - state govt (any state), your local government (can be outside of WA), an activity promotional platforms (like What's On xxx, Scoop, Time Out).

Entry: Challenge entry is available to all teams in Australia.

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