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Moreton Bay Evacuation Centres: Improvements and Ideas

Severe flooding events represent significant social and economic losses to coastal communities. Climate change has the potential to exacerbate these impacts. Local government authorities such as the Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC) have undertaken hydrological investigations and prepared disas...

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edventageous !

Our app allows individuals to see what accessibility facilities there are available at local events and surrounds so they can enjoy the event they want to attend without worrying about the logistics of how to navigate the space! We hope it will one day turn into an open source database where indi...

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Imagine a world where age, recovery, and mobility don't separate us – but bring us closer. Imagine places that echo with laughter, camaraderie, and the warmth of connection In a world driven by data and innovation, we introduce a groundbreaking product that unveils the hidden story behind school...

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# Welcome to TourMate! > AI-Powered Personalized Travel Itinerary App TourMate is a revolutionary travel planning application that utilizes the power of generative AI to create personalized travel itineraries for users, catering to their preferences, accessibility requirements, and interest...

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New View

Embark on a new era of inclusive mobility with New View – the ground-breaking app designed to empower individuals with disabilities to navigate the world with confidence and ease. Whether you're exploring your local neighbourhood or venturing to new destinations, New View is your indispensable tr...

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Project Overview: DiscoverAbility is a digital platform designed to enhance accessibility and inclusivity for individuals with disabilities. This web app serves as a comprehensive directory for accessible venues, events, activities, and communities, making it easier for users with disabilities...

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