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Moreton Bay greening as we grow (QLD)

Jurisdiction: Queensland

How might we harness the power of the everyday citizen to help protect our diverse flora and fauna as we grow our region; creating a diverse and flourishing planet for generations to come?

Using Open Data from a variety of sources, help us create a sustainable future and protect our local flora and fauna. Ideas and examples could include:

• Improving our communities’ recycling awareness, identification, and classification of what can and can’t be recycled
• Managing and protecting our biodiversity from invasive species
• Circular economy solutions
• Urban heat island effects
• Tracking and monitoring the health of our local Koalas and platypi
• Climate change mitigation strategies
• All ideas welcome and remember to focus on our Moreton Bay region!

This is one of two Moreton Bay specific challenges put together by a consortium of business, education and government organisations, all passionate about our local region. We will have a group of university students and local business leaders participating on campus at UniSC Moreton Bay alongside local innovators, and we encourage you to join with them in putting a spotlight on our region.

Additional Information

Relevant links:

• Council has been tracking Koalas at Petrie Mill for a number of years, and has data sets available that provide location and count information.
• Council has a number of climate sensors around the region, along with flood and rainfall sensors. Please take time to look through the available IOT devices.
• Council has data sets on our waste facility locations and has significant supplementary material on our website. Check out the waste education section on recycling for ideas.
• Council also has additional data and reports for supplementary material on the council website.

FYI BOM has a weather station at Redcliffe which can be accessed for free via Council also provides BOM flood warning station data for those it operates. This provides latest river heights for various locations across council.

Image credit: Moreton Bay Regional Council.

Eligibility: Open to everyone, preference will be given to those providing solutions using at least one local Moreton Bay region (City of Moreton Bay and/or Unity Water) data set. Employees of City of Moreton Bay with a direct working relationship with members of the local Moreton Bay Gov Hack node organising committee are ineligible to apply for this prize. If unsure, please feel welcome to check and discuss via Slack channels upon commencement of the event.

Entry: Challenge entry is available to all teams in Australia.

Dataset Highlight

Moreton Bay Regional Council Data Hub

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Queensland Flood Warning Stations

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BOM - River Heights

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Redcliffe weather station data from Bureau of Meteorology

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