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ServiSync – Sync, Swap, Serve. Your ultimate vehicle management partner!

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Tracking Flying Foxes

Our Team Name is “Delta Force”. Our Project “Tracking Flying Foxes” through photo identification. Our Goals are to: Build a predictive model showing the current and historical Roost data extrapolated into the future. Expand and enhance the pre-existing data set to better answer th...

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Reducing Vehicle idling Time - A better way towards Carbon neutral

Reducing vehicle idling time is a practical and effective way to reduce emissions, conserve fuel, and improve air quality. A short-term easy solution is to install idling alarms in vehicles, while a long-term solution is replacing ICE vehicles with EVs and Hybrids so that if a vehicle is idling, ...

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Roots of Moreton

Problem Space: Many threatened flora species are at risk due to a lack of public awareness regarding their existence and their ecological significance. Loss of habitat: One of the major threats to flora is the loss of their natural habitat. When people are unaware of the presence of endangere...

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Bush Tales

Australia is uniquely exposed to the challenges of climate change and loss of cultural heritage. Bushtales is a novel app that leverages open-source data from the archives to provide a synergistic approach to tackling these problems. Our app contains three vital elements that work to implement cu...

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Waterworks infrastructure presents a unique problem, in that it is often embedded underground and hard to diagnose problems when it is experiencing problems. Currently, waterwork companies such as Unityworks have a lengthy process in order to identify issues with pumps and other infrastructure, o...

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When dealing with green resources, a large majority of the population are blind to the average daily usage. Many households around Australia waste power and water on a daily basis. Gaia, an interactive phone app, allows the average person to not only record and monitor their daily resource expend...

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Eco Scan+

## Project Description EcoScan+: A revolutionary mobile application tailored for Queensland residents, especially Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay. Beyond merely guiding on waste disposal, EcoScan+ endeavors to bring local government and citizens together by rewarding eco-conscious behavior with r...

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Project BatWise

Australia hosts diverse flying fox species, including three on the Sunshine Coast: The Little Red Flying Fox, The Black Flying Fox, and the endangered Grey-Headed Flying Fox. Flying Foxes are a keystone species for many Australian Natives, being responsible for the pollination and seed dispersal ...

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Invasive Species Detection Application

Invasive species are often introduced to the area and cause significant damage to our native wildlife and plants. They can also cause ecological and health problems as well. It is estimated that invasive species cost Australia a total of $24 billion year in impact and damages. Currently, the m...

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