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Randika , Charitha , Thivya , Karl , Achala Chathuranga Aponso , Maninda , Vanessa Fettuccia , Banu Athuraliya

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Imagine a world where age, recovery, and mobility don't separate us – but bring us closer. Imagine places that echo with laughter, camaraderie, and the warmth of connection
In a world driven by data and innovation, we introduce a groundbreaking product that unveils the hidden story behind school attendance trends.
Our solution is more than data and technology – it's the embrace of humanity, the connection that banishes isolation and ushers in belonging.

But that's just the beginning. Our solution becomes a friend, learning your preferences, curating personalized event recommendations that perfectly align with your interests and accessibility needs

Envision a world where the boundaries of age, recovery, and mobility dissolve, replaced by bridges that unite us in shared experiences. Imagine vibrant communities thriving in spaces resonating with laughter, camaraderie, and the deep embrace of human connection.

Now, consider a reality where data and innovation intertwine to reshape our journey. We proudly present a revolutionary solution that transcends conventional limits. Our focus? The empowerment of people with diverse abilities in every facet of life – from vibrant community events and heartwarming BBQ gatherings to the essential public amenities like toilets, hospitals, and car parks.

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Data Story

Embarking on a collaborative mission in Western Australia, we harnessed the power of data to illuminate pathways of accessibility and inclusion for individuals with disabilities. Guided by real-life scenarios, we gathered and validated data to create a reliable map of events, spaces, activities, and communities that cater to unique needs. With each data point, we aimed to empower individuals, amplifying voices, breaking barriers, and fostering a sense of belonging. Our journey resonated with the transformative impact of data, as Western Australia evolved into a realm of inclusivity, ensuring that every story finds its place and every individual can participate fully.

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Team DataSets

Toilet Accessibility - WA

Description of Use This data set was used to improve the toilet accessibility for disabled people in Perth providing useful information including toilet type and activity access level.

Data Set

Park — Barbeque locations

Description of Use Used to connect disable people with the world eg- BBQ locations where they can reach

Data Set

City of Perth Car Parks - WA

Description of Use Used it to find and suggest car parks for disable people

Data Set

Challenge Entries

Getting out and about in WA... with a disability

How can we use data to uncover what events, local spaces, activities, and communities within WA are available to people with disabilities?

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COVID’s lasting impact on education

What impact has COVID had on student educational outcomes (for example retention/enrolment rates, HSC completions and more)? What lessons can we learn to minimise the impact on education for future pandemics?

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