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AcciSafe seeks to align with the ACT's zero-emission vehicle strategy, which encompasses incentivising EV purchases and an ambitious plan to extend the public charging infrastructure to 180 stations by 2025.

Moreover, our team goes beyond just identifying suitable locations for EV charging stations, we see the opportunities of offering the free EV car charging during off-peak hours which contributes to a reduction in the number of car accidents across ACT, Australia.

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Getting home wherever you live.

Road traumas are devastating for school communities. How might data help develop localised solutions to reduce these rates?

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Charging Electric Vehicles in the ACT

The ACT’s zero-emission vehicle strategy includes several incentives to purchase EVs, as well as a plan to expand the public charging network to 180 charging stations by 2025. To build this network of charging stations, it is important that government understands where the greatest need for chargers is across the territory. How can this be measured, and how can we assess the effectiveness of public EV chargers in Canberra?

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