Acutaries (project 2)

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Acutaries (project 2)

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We embark on a quest to explore Victoria's recycling evolution. To predict future recycling trends, we apply multiple statistical models (per subtype), analyse and evalute them on a validations set, and predict with our best model. We then visualise both past and present (predicted) trend and discuss and analyse them in our video, showing what materials Victoria needs to pay attention to in order to in the future.

#recycling prediction victoria

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We used the "Victorian local government waste data dashboard" from the challenge.

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Victorian local government waste data

Description of Use For visualisation and training

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Analysing recycling trends over the last 20 years to predict future recycling behaviour

Conduct analysis to understand and identify trends in recycling practices over the past 20 years. The objective of the challenge is to gain insights from recycling rates, material compositions, geographic variations and other factors influencing recycling behaviour.

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