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Addy - go

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Juan Cifuentes , Pedro Henriquez , Laura Gallo , Bellanire Pinzon Cristancho

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Get ready for an extraordinary journey of fun, learning, and exploration with "Addy -go Explorers." This innovative game project is tailor-made for young adventurers, even Adults, who can enjoy offering them an enchanting and educational experience that transforms South Australia's wonders into an interactive playground.
How can we increase the tourism in South Australia and young people, families and adults?
In this way we propose to increase tourism in these regions, encouraging education and supporting local businesses with the help of an app called ADDY GO, this app was designed for users such as young people and families with children to learn about the historical sites and heritage that each region has to offer.
The app offers an educational and enriching experience, its purpose is to actively immerse users in the rich cultural heritage of South Australia, allowing users to explore in depth the history and beauty inherent in this region of Australia.
The app is meticulously designed to guide young families with children and adults, through a selection of South Australia's most iconic regional heritage sites. Each location represents a significant aspect of local history and architecture, thus providing a complete and enriching picture of the region's culture.
A key component of the app lies in the interactive challenges and games it presents to users. These elements not only encourage the retention of acquired knowledge, but also keep users motivated and engaged in the ongoing exploration of the cultural heritage. In addition to the above, the app promotes discounts at local businesses, promoting profits to locals in the region.

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Data Story

Hello adventurers, studies show that around the world people and especially tourists make downloads according to their needs based on what they most like to do, in this almost evidenced by travelling and gambling the highest percentages.

Turning to Australia and reviewing data provided in TRA, it has been shown that the distribution of tourism in Australia is as follows by region, 11.32% of tourism in the Sydney region, 9.59% to Melbourne and 6.43% to Brisbane accounting for approximately 34%, while 6.15% of visitors are to Adelaide and it is clear that the big cities account for the majority of tourist visits.

With the help of this data found in TRA en it has been determined that more than 50% of people residing in South Australia undertake tourism mainly in the Adelaide and Fleurieu Peninsula regions and it is clear that less than 10% of tourist visitors go to places like the Clare Valley.

In another part of the analysis of tourism data found in TRA, 80% of overnight visitors to South Australia are holiday visitors, and between 40% of overnight visitors are to family or friends in South Australia.

Evidence of Work


Team DataSets

Historical Places

Description of Use we use to develop the app for making interactive and fun base on the information and business on this location.

Data Set

Destinations Tourism

Description of Use to make and a idea what categories can found in destination of tourism.

Data Set

Tourism Region Profiles Data Tables

Description of Use We used data related to the number of visitors by region and category Detail of the South Australia region, it was possible to identify how visitors are distributed in Australia and their main characteristics

Data Set


Description of Use We use this data to make an idea of how it is important to incentivize the visitor in tourism, aver regional area

Data Set

Regional Conssumsion

Description of Use We use a Power BI, to analyze and clarify the Data found in the regions

Data Set

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