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Hussain , Jana Awez , Bas

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In response to the challenges posed by GovHack, we have developed a comprehensive and innovative mobile application names “DreamScape Explore” that aims to address the dual challenges of increasing the appeal of careers in the tourism and hospitality sector, as well as enhancing visitor experiences and expenditure in South Australia.

Our mobile application serves as a dynamic solution to the challenge by utilizing data and technology to engage and attract young South Australians to pursue careers within the Tourism and Hospitality sector. The application includes an Industry Insights Dashboard, which delivers real-time information on industry trends, job openings, and skill needs. This knowledge is useful for both aspiring professionals looking for a job and instructors directing kids down the right route. Furthermore, the app personalizes this information for each user, ensuring a personalized and relevant experience.

The platform's centerpiece is the Personalized Career Pathways feature. By integrating AI and user input, the app assesses users' interests, skills, and aspirations, generating tailored career pathways within the tourism and hospitality sector. This not only directs users towards appropriate roles but also assists them in identifying the essential training and educational steps to realize their goals.

Innovative Job Fairs hosted within the application connect job seekers with potential employers and offer a seamless interface for recruiters to scout talented individuals. This bridge-building between job seekers and employers aids in the recruitment process.

Additionally, the app introduces Tourism Tech Challenges, encouraging users to participate in interactive activities and problem-solving scenarios related to the industry. This gamified approach not only educates but also fosters excitement and curiosity about the sector's possibilities.

To further engage users, the application features Virtual Mentorship Programs and Interactive Online Workshops. These components deliver skilled professionals to users' fingertips, allowing for intelligent dialogues and skill development in a virtual setting.

Transitioning to the second challenge, our app seamlessly evolves into a Smart Tourism companion. It transforms the visitor experience by providing real-time recommendations for nearby attractions, eateries, and activities, thereby "upselling" and extending visitors' stays. The application uses GPS to connect tourists with the best available hotels, cafes, and other tourist spots in close proximity, enhancing convenience and satisfaction.

Presenting a Virtual Tour of all tourist spots in South Australia brings the destination to life, even before visitors set foot there. This immersive experience not only showcases the attractions but also ignites interest and anticipation.

The app caters to practical needs as well, by delivering real-time weather updates, enhancing the visitor's ability to plan activities effectively. It even connects tourists with nearby public transport options, streamlining navigation and minimizing stress.

Our commitment to cultural sensitivity and inclusivity is reflected in our initiative to teach the Aboriginal language and connect visitors to the land's rich Aboriginal culture. This interactive experience fosters a deep appreciation for the region's heritage.

Furthermore, the application provides access to state emergency services, prioritizing visitor safety and well-being.

In summary, our mobile application stands as a pioneering response to the GovHack challenges. By seamlessly combining cutting-edge technology, data-driven insights, personalized career guidance, and immersive tourist experiences, the app presents a transformative solution. It bridges the gap between career aspirations and industry opportunities while enhancing visitor engagement, expenditure, and exploration in South Australia. Through our innovative approach, we strive to revolutionize the perception of the tourism and hospitality sector and elevate South Australia's position as a desirable destination.

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Data Story

In the vibrant state of South Australia, a groundbreaking mobile application has been designed to tackle two challenges head-on: increasing the allure of careers in tourism and hospitality and enhancing visitor experiences through smart tourism. Using the power of data and technology, we created a unique platform called " DreamScape Explore." This platform combines information, inspiration, and instruction in a way that makes a career in tourism and hospitality more appealing and accessible than ever before.

Attracting Talent to Tourism: From learning to earning this can be the best place to provide multiple solutions at one platform to the job seekers. From Personalized Career Pathways powered by AI, which help users identify roles that resonate with their interests, while also guiding them towards education and training paths for success, to connecting the passionate ones with the right recruiters this can be the best medium to bridge the gap between industry and skilled professionals.

Job hunting becomes a breeze with Innovative Job Fairs, seamlessly connecting eager job seekers with potential employers. Simultaneously, Tourism Tech Challenges can attract young undergrad students towards this profession by providing gamified learning, sparking curiosity, and hands-on engagement.

Elevating Visitor Experiences: Turning to the tourist's perspective, the app transitions into a Smart Tourism companion. With GPS integration, visitors effortlessly locate the finest hotels, cafes, and attractions nearby, fostering an enriched experience. Real-time weather updates aid in planning activities with precision, while Virtual Tours provide captivating previews of South Australia's wonders, igniting anticipation.
Safety and cultural enrichment merge as the app presents Aboriginal language lessons and connections to rich heritage, establishing a deeper appreciation for the region's culture. Moreover, seamless access to state emergency services assures visitors' well-being, prioritizing safety.

In this digital era, the app stands as a testament to the potential of data-driven innovation in transforming industries and experiences alike. South Australia's tourism and hospitality sector is primed for a new dawn, one where technology paints a canvas of endless possibilities.


Team DataSets

Annual visitor’s statistics

Description of Use Data from this set will be used to calculate the annual states which help the government to improve in the potential sectors.

Data Set

State emergency services

Description of Use Incorporating this real-time data in the application provide tourists with real-time updates on potential risks, ensuring visitors are well-informed, secure, and can contact state departments in case of emergency.

Data Set

Real-time weather data

Description of Use By integrating weather data, the app enhances the visitor experience by ensuring timely decisions aligned with weather conditions

Data Set

Trip Planner Itineraries

Description of Use By analyzing insights into popular tourist routes and attractions from trip planner itineraries, the app can recommend nearby attractions, enhancing visitors' experiences and encouraging extended stays.

Data Set

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Increase visitor expenditure through Smart Tourism

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Increase the appeal of a career in the tourism and hospitality sector

How can we use data and/or technology to engage and attract more young South Australians to pursue a career in the Tourism and Hospitality sector?

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