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Diversifying inventors

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This project seeks to better understand women's representation in leading innovation in Australia, and the workplace conditions in innovative Australian organisations, using a combination of IP Australia data, Workplace Gender Equality Agency data and Australian Taxation Office data.

Key insights from data analysis and recommendations for improving women's representation in Australian invention are highlighted in a flourish video presentation. Key findings from the analysis are:
* that top patent applicants are more likely to have female CEOs than other patent applicants,
* workplace conditions in innovative organisations are as progressive as other organisations (e.g. flexible workplace arrangements)
* highlighting the success of women in innovation may influence other women to join innovative organisations
* wage disparity may be disincentivising women from joining innovative organisations

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Data Story

This project combined insights from the Australian Intellectual Property Report 2023, Opportunity Insights inventor analysis and data analysis using IP Australia, Women's Gender Equality Agency and Australian Taxation Office data.

Patent application was used as a proxy for inventive organisations in Australia, and WGEA data matched to a dataset of Australian IP applications was used to understand how innovative organisations compare to other organisations in Australia in terms of their representation of women in leadership and their internal policies that promote diversity and flexible work. ATO data was used to understand average pay for men and women in professional, technical and scientific services, as this was considered the sector category that best reflects innovative Australian organisations.

Analysis was completed in R and data presentation was prepared using Flourish.

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Team DataSets

Opportunity Insights: Who becomes an inventor in America

Description of Use Used to understand what factors might support women to become more involved in innovative sectors.

Data Set

ATO wage by broad industry and sex 2021

Description of Use Used to understand the split of Australians working in professional, technical and scientific services by gender and the average pay by gender

Data Set

WGEA - Workplace Gender Equality Agency Dataset

Description of Use Used to understand the proportion of CEOs and senior managers that are female or non-binary, and the flexible work conditions of different organisations reporting under the WGEA

Data Set


Description of Use Used to analyse patents, trademarks and design applications from IP Australia

Data Set

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