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William Seagar , Matt

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Helfy: An AI-powered Recipe App

Helfy is an educational AI-powered recipe app designed to empower New Zealanders to reduce carbon emissions at the individual and community level.

You can input a recipe idea or your favorite ingredients, and Helfy's AI will whip up a fresh recipe with sustainability insights.

Key Features:

Low Carbon Recipes:

Helfy suggests recipes that are centered around low carbon footprint ingredients. It takes into consideration the local production, seasonality, and transportation of the food items.

Pantry Inventory System:

Users can input what they have in their pantry, and Helfy will generate recipes based on these ingredients, minimizing waste, and reducing the need for transportation.

Community Engagement:

The app allows local communities to upvote and share the best recipes. Allowing more people to find the best low carbon recipes.

Educational Content:

Helfy educates users on the carbon footprint of various foods in the recipe, helping them make conscious decisions about what to eat.

Personalized Meal Planning:

Based on users' preferences, and dietary requirements, Helfy crafts personalized recipes that are both delicious and environmentally responsible.

Integration with Local Markets:

Helfy can suggest locally sourced ingredients and point users to nearby farmers' markets or community-supported agriculture, reducing the carbon footprint of food transportation.

Helfy's Mission:

To engage New Zealand households in the global fight against climate change by providing an accessible and intelligent platform to reduce carbon emissions through informed food choices.

#climate change #carbon footprint reduction #sustainable living #food waste minimization #local food sourcing #community engagement #health and nutrition #personalized cooking #artificial intelligence #environmental education

Data Story

Helfy leverages a complex set of generative AI and static data:

  1. OpenAI gpt-3.5-turbo: Generative AI model for creating recipes and providing sustainability information.

  2. OpenAI Dalle-2: Generative AI model for creating the recipe images

  3. Eventfinda API: Collect information about local markets in NZ

  4. Helfy Database: Helfy stores generated recipes in its own database and allows users to then share and like these recipes.

Evidence of Work



Team DataSets

Helfy Recipes

Description of Use Show top trending recipes on the home page

Data Set


Description of Use Uses eventfinda to recommend where people can go to buy locally sourced ingredients

Data Set


Description of Use Uses DALL-E-2 to generate photos of AI generated recipes

Data Set


Description of Use Use GPT3.5 to generate food recipes and carbon information about the ingredients

Data Set

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Reducing carbon emissions in households

Build a platform that can help households in New Zealand reduce their carbon emissions. Food production, transportation among others are major contributors of emissions. Can you help New Zealand reach net-zero by 2050 and reduce emissions by 50% by 2030?

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