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Increase the appeal of a career in the tourism and hospitality sector

How can we use data and/or technology to engage and attract more young South Australians to pursue a career in the Tourism and Hospitality sector?

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Helping women succeed financially

How can financial outcomes for women be improved through increasing diversity and inclusion across industries?

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Exploring relationships between industry and population in regional Australia

Regional liveability is influenced by the diversity and stability of local industry. People need employment to stay and be attracted to move to regional Australia. Businesses and industry adjust with market interest but how does this affect the local population – do they adjust too?

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Moreton Bay greening as we grow (QLD)

How might we harness the power of the everyday citizen to help protect our diverse flora and fauna as we grow our region; creating a diverse and flourishing planet for generations to come?

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Highlight the diversity of South Australia's tourism product through gamification

How can we apply gamification to engage and educate young (South) Australians about South Australia's diverse tourism product offer and through this, influence key decision makers in their household to discover more of South Australia?

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