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Project SmartHealth

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A significant challenge arises from high death rates attributed to diseases, accounting for more than 50,000 deaths in 2021 (Data Link). The primary cause behind this trend is the prevalence of poor nutrition, inadequate exercise, and unhealthy lifestyles. Addressing these issues to extend lives is crucial. To combat this, an innovative solution emerges in the form of generative AI and IoT-based system. SmartHealth combines generative AI and IoT technology to create a virtual doctor that offers real-time health insights and personalized recommendations. By integrating kitchen monitors, fitness trackers, smart scales, and sleep monitors, SmartHealth guides users towards healthier lifestyles, providing tailored guidance for a happier, longer life.

Enabling Healthier Lives with SmartHealth

SmartHealth is an IoT-powered virtual doctor designed to empower individuals in making informed health decisions. Using IoT devices and advanced machine learning, SmartHealth collects and interprets users' health data to offer personalized insights. The system incorporates:
- Kitchen Monitor: Tracks daily nutrition.
- Fitness Trackers: Monitors exercise habits.
- Smart Scales: Tracks weight changes.
- Sleep Monitors: Monitors sleep patterns.
- Mobile Application: To get statistics of their behavior and chat with the Virtual Health assistance.
The system utilizes user data, such as gender and birthdate, alongside health behavior data collected via IoT. Advanced generative AI creates personalized solutions delivered through a chatbot, including:
- Personalized Health Guidance: Simulates health scenarios based on real-time data, helping users visualize the impact of behavior changes.
- Optimized Exercise: Monitors exercise routines for tailored fitness activities.
- Enhanced Sleep Quality: Adjusts sleep patterns for improved rest.
- Nutritional Balance: Empowers informed dietary choices through precise consumption data.

A Transformative Solution for Better Well-being

Incorporating IoT sensors and generative AI, the proposed health behavior analysis system stands as a transformative solution for Australians seeking to enhance their well-being. By automatically capturing real-time health data and generating personalized insights, the system empowers individuals to make informed choices about their behaviors. Through tailored recommendations, proactive health management, and a holistic approach, Australians can forge a path towards longer, healthier, and happier lives. This user-centric platform not only drives positive behavior change but also fosters a connected community focused on collective wellness, contributing to a more vibrant and resilient society.


All data collected from IoT sensors and entered into the app is securely encrypted and stored on trusted servers, we will never share your information with third parties without your explicit consent.

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Our team has two members:
- Khoa Tran Nguyen Anh
- Marie Choi

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